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Spain - L´Estartit - Costa Brava is certainly synonymous of a holiday in the southern Europe, but not only that, but also many people is under water in the oldest nature reserve in the Mediterranean in L´Estartit: the Medes Islands. So this means finding the ideal conditions for wildlife and enjoying the recreational scuba diving.

After several years of diving in Croatia, a trip to Italy, we count on a diving team in the high school at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. We decided to go to Spain with the diving participants of HSSP after the first experiences in Zeeland (Netherlands) in order to offer an attractive diving destination.

And it has been confirmed.

After several months of planning and passionate commitment from the dive team and the volunteer instructors, in September a group of 30 participants chose to dive with the oldest center of the Medes Islands, "Unisub."
Everything was perfect, from the comfort and superior accommodation, the closeness of the port and the quick access to the dive boat, to the excellent dive logistics and the weather.

Sun the whole week, no wind - so the ideal conditions they had promised.
The diving expectations were high, the RUB instructor had promised to enjoy a high level diving ... and it defied the imagination.

The Underwater life we found was what we expected and more. Groupers en masse, as promised, small, large and very large – fish shoals and barracudas, rays, and plenty of small animals. The sea surface water temperature was the temperature of the Caribbean (25 degrees), even in the deep water. Almost everyone completed the 10 dives with euphoria. Everyone was impressed by the smooth running of the week as well as the group cohesion and enjoyable communication. It worked.

Conclusion: we’ll be back next year!

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