The Medes Islands – nature reserve

Emerging a mile away from the beach of Estartit, you can find the Medes islands, a small archipelago formed by seven islets that make up the remarkable nature reserve. The island´s fauna and flora are considered to be one of the most important in the Mediterranean.
When in 1932 the island of the Meda gran was abandoned by man, nature recuperated it´s home. Now the islands have converted in an ornithological paradise with more than 60 registered species and the spectacular presence of a large colony of sea gulls (larus cachinnans) which occupy the surface with more than 8000 pairs, that breed during the months of March, April and May.
The vegetation and the fauna are worthy to study but, what really sets the islands apart is the spectacular marine life that is to be discovered underneath. With it’s privileged position on the coast and near the mouth of the river ter, which brings organic material and it’s geological form, the influence of the wind, and the northern currents that bring in deep water, all together give the island a great variety of environments and species that make up the spectacular underwater stage.

Meda Gran seagull cormorant Meda petita Soft Coral
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