- is ISO 14001: 2015 certified which defines an international standard for environmental management;
- is accredited as a CETS (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism) company;
- has the Tourism Quality Commitment badge, SICTED (“Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destinations”);
- has the Padi Green Star recognition (given to PADI dive centers that demonstrate a dedication to conservation).
- in 2022 we also obtain the distinctive of environmental quality from the Generalitat of Catalonia.
- in 2023 we become Greenfins member, 
a platform that provides dive centers with tools to raise awareness and educate divers to improve their behavior in order to reduce their impact on the ecosystem.

Our commitment to the environment is a way of life and work.

With the help of all of you, we work to reduce our consumption and improve waste management.

In numbers: In 2023 we have reduced electricity consumption per m2 by 30% compared to 2022 and we have kept our total fuel consumption per customer 1% lower than in 2021.

Our actions for sustainability:
- organize a recycling area, both on the boats and in the center
- have bathtubs with fresh water on the boat to clean the equipment
- create a system for cleaning equipment with showers and buckets to optimize water consumption
- put at your disposal a water source to be able to refill reusable bottles
- organize underwater clean-ups.
- raise awareness, through posters, ecobriefings and also through social networks about the importance of respecting the environment and about our fundamental role.
- train workers on the behavior required of divers and guides in a natural park
- actively participate in citizen science projects such as the European project ANERIS, with the collaboration of the MINKA platform and FECDAS

All this is possible thanks to the commitment of our customers, who take advantage of the rubbish bins made available to them both on the boats and in the diving center; who skimp on water consumption when desalinating the material and using the showers and understand the need to take advantage of the boats trips.

Our future projects:

Create a habitat recovery project in the Medes Montgri Baix Ter Natural Park

Another great novelty of the Unisub school is our Green pack, the diving course that enhances the environment (in addition to your diving course, we will offer you a specialty connected to the environment like Project Aware specialty, Dive against debris, grouper specialty, naturalist ...) is now available with the Advanced Open Water course! Our passion is the sea and we cannot stand to observe its destruction without doing the impossible to prevent it.

We hope you have the same purpose: to make this world a better world. If you join Unisub you will join this feeling, so :Welcome!



Unisub's Environmental policy